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This is the result of my wall in Wynwood, Miami this year. The wall is located at 251 NW 23rd street, Hausammann Gallery.

A few words about the wall:

About a mounth ago we had a walk with with my girlfriend around Prague and came across backyard of the art school where there were a lot of students works laying standing and hiding among trees. Some of them were broken some - unfinshed. It looked like an artisic mess or even garbage which still has no life in it but already something more than just a plastic or wood or any other material. When I don't know the creator a piece of its art lives its own life to me. But this life is extremely scilent especially in contrast with nature which surrounds it. This is my wall is all about: art which lacks life spirit but has a lot of time. And artist's plant which is alive at the moment but for very short time. Finally both are dead on the wall.

Photo; Todd Mazer

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My mural 'Community' in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. It will be istalled into the wall in Lennoxville (Sherbrooke's District) where community has used to be very strong. Thanks for everyone who made this happen. Special thanks to my friend Serge Malenfant and MURIRS organisation.

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My two works for a group show 5th Graffuturism Anniversary at 886 Geary Gallery, San Francisco.
'Albino world: Loneliness' 90x90 sm, acrylic on canvas, 2015
Morik GFA.jpg

'Albino world:Amulet' 90x90 sm, acrylic on canvas, 2015


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Wall in Miami Ad School in Wynwood art district. The idea is the Cuban migration to the USA. Everyone has a right for the better life. Big thanks to Pippa, Ron and all the school crew. And big thanks to my friend and excellent artist Kislow for making all this trip happen.


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Wall for the exhibition Rule of Three in Colab Gallery (former Carhartt Gallery) in Germany, 2014


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My new canvas for Casus Pacis exhibition in the Street Art Museum, Saint Petersburg. Spray cans, acrylic and watercolor pencils, 2014


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My canvases for the group exhibition in Moscow Museum curated by MSK Eastside Gallery. All works are done with spraypaint, acrylic and watercolor  pencils. 2014






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My works for A Major Minority Exhibition in 1AM Gallery in San Francisco. Acrylic and watercolor pencils on paper.